SPF Business Strategies: 

1. Affordable price policy and reduction of transaction costs by providing proximity services.

2. Building trust with the suppliers

  • Develop strong partnership with the suppliers: RAB, entrepreneurs, farmers’ groups.
  •  Organizing the farmers’ groups – install mechanisms of collaboration like contract farming;
  •  Capacity building of seed producers: organize training, share best agricultural practices materials,
  •  Quality control alongside the potato seed value chain – this will be like a cross cutting issue: from the field of production to the end-user.
  •  Quality control at farm level.
  • Capacity building of all potato seed producers with regards to quality control.
  • Recruiting staff with high competencies to assure follow up of seed at farm level as well as in stores.
  • Adequate storage facilities (building new stores and/or rehabilitate the existing ones) to make sure potato seed are stored in good conditions.
  •  Good practices of seed handling and packaging (acquire adequate materials).