SPF field agronomist contributed in harvesting potato Seed


While the SPF-ikigega shows great diversity in the agri-economic especially in seed potato multiplication

SPF is deeply interested to assist farmer on field from planting period up to the harvesting Irish potato, it is in that way Farmer RUGWIZANGOGA Fidel who lives in  Jenda sector,Nyabihu disrict have delighted thanks SPF to be contributed in his agriculture this season, he continued to appreciate SPF according to the technical skills he has given by his followed SPF-ikigega Agronomist, NTEZIMANA J.de Dieu.

Here SPF-ikigega field agronomist and farmer Fidele Nteziryayo  are harvesting a crop of certified seed , and this seed have been bought by SPF-Ikigega to ensure that, seed are healthy and stored in good condition.

Certified potato seed after packaging.