Organizational Structure

SPF-IKIGEGA is registered organization, with 3 organs which administrate the Company: General Assembly of Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management. (1)SPF-IKIGEGA has 506 shareholders and elects 60 representatives of shareholders who constitute Company’s General Assembly; the main duty of SPF General Assembly is to elect board of directors, to pass resolutions at general meetings by voting through their shareholder capacity. This duty is particularly important as it allows the shareholders to exercise their ultimate control over the company and how it is managed. (2) The SPF board of Directors is constituted by 9 members who are appointed by the General Assembly to act on behalf of the shareholders to run company’s affairs of the business.

The SPF board is directed by President of Board and has 2 Vice-President, board Secretary and 6 advisors. They are directly accountable to the shareholders and each year the company will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) at which the board must provide a report to shareholders on the performance of the company, what its future plans and strategies are and also submit themselves for re-election to the board. (3) The management team of the Company is directed by a Managing Director who runs the day to day affairs of the business. Currently SPF has a team of 52 Field agronomists and an Accountant. The board and senior management have written roles and responsibilities in Procedures Manuals and Rules and Regulations Manual. The recruited team of technician have required skills to lead the SPF goals; this is included required (a) academic level (Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree), (b)The team members has required experiences working with Local communities in seed production. (4) When there is a need, the SPF recruit consultants to achieve occasional assignments.  The financials operations are regularly recorded using Quick Books (accounting software).  An external auditor will be recruited yearly to help the company be on the right track with the financial aspects.