SPF -Ikigega offer following Services

  1. Ensuring Market to seed Multipliers (granted by contract ).
  2. Ensuring the real seed availability in decentralized  storage facilities .
  3. Ensuring Potato seed storage and handling.
  4. Ensuring the technical assistance to farmers and seed multipliers:

SPF Field agronomist helps in:

  • Coaching and mentoring potato seed producers and potatoes growers on the best practices acquired during training;
  • Coordinate and establish links with SPF-Ikigega, RAB and  other organizations working in the sector/area;
  • Transfer new technologies to the potato seed producers and potatoes growers and get their problems back;
  • Help potatoes growers in selection of improved seed varieties and proper agriculture;
  • Help potatoes seed producers and potatoes growers in farm management to have increased production of potatoes;
  • Supervising the positives selection activities and post harvesting operations;
  • Monitoring the quality of harvested seeds to be purchased from seeds producers;
  • Help potatoes seeds to calculate the cost and benefits from their seed production;
  • Identification of existing storage facilities and needed storage facilities;
  • Help seeds producers in pre-audit of seed activities before RAB inspection;
  • Organizing the meetings with seed producers and other key players, to discuss about the planting season;
  • Follow up of informal seed producers to be certified by RAB;
  • Mapping of land to be cultivated by seed multipliers and big farmers before starting  agriculture season ;
  • Play advocacy for big potatoes growers to become seed multipliers agreed by RAB;
  • Organizing farmers in groups an link them to seed producers( to address the issue of poor linkages season planning and follow-up);
  • Train potato seed producers and potatoes growers on seed production , marketing system and post harvest operation;
  • Help potato seed producers and potatoes growers to make good decision by communication with them and providing them with the information they need;
  • Identify and disseminate climate smarts agriculture practices (Climate resilient).