The seed sub sector in Rwanda faces different challenges that can be summarized as follow:

  •  Inadequate supply of early generations seeds: vitro plants; mini tubers; pre-basic and basic seeds
  •  Supply of certified seeds dominated by the informal system
  • Generalized shortage of certified seeds at the time of planting
  • Poor quality of seeds supplied to potato farmers.
  • Poor business linkages among potato seed value chain actors.

From challenges enumerated above, Entrepreneurs in potatoes seed production from Northern, Southern  and Western Provinces (Seed producers, Farmers Cooperatives,  individuals, farmers groups) supported by MINAGRI, have raised an idea of installing Irish potato seed fund Company for the following reasons:

  • Build the Potato Seed value chain
  • Ensure stable availability of quality and accessibility of quality seed potato in the zone.
  • Ensure increase of quality seed users
  • Support other emerging entrepreneurs

The objective of our business is to improve the supply potato seed production through a decentralized potato seed trading, agreed by all the value chain actors based of the estimated effective demand of potato seeds.