RAB(Rwanda Agriculture Board) Seed Potato Inspection

Today 10th Jan, 2018, Potato seed inspection continued in Rubavu District,Nyabihu District and Gicumbi District


In Rubavu District, RAB seed Inspector Scholastique and SPF Agronomist have been inspected two seed multiplier BIGISHIRO GERARD AND MBONYINTWARI JEAN MARIE from Mudende Sector, BIGISHIRO GERARD have 1Ha of kirundo variety, is the same multiplier in last week also, RAB inspector have been appreciated his  twihaze variety  former -58 to area of 0.8 Ha located in Bugeshi and Mudende sector.

Agronomist of multiplier J.Marie, SPF Agronomist and RAB seed inspector Scholastique

Seed potato inspection in Rubavu District


Today  10th Jan, 2018 With RAB inspector J.Paul and SPF Agronomist Evaliste Agronomist Evode they  have visited group TURWUBAKE Kageyo AND  HUGUKA Cooperative

Mini-tubers potato seed inspection in a greenhouse

RAB potato Seed inspection

RAb Seed inspector J.Paul and SPF Agronomist Evaliste


Today  10th Jan, 2018 With RAB inspector Dr. CLEMENT and SPF Agronomist Evaliste, they  have visited seed multiplier Telesphore in BIGOGWE/Nyabihu District, this multiplier cultivated kinigi,gikungu,kigega and -58  variety and  it a good seed variety as said ”Dr. CLEMENT ”.

From Right, RAB seed inspector Dr.CLEMENT and SPF Agronomist


Seed potato inspection is ongoing activity that will continue in northern, southern and western province