RAB Seed Inspectors have meet SPF-Ikigega in one day workshop at SPF-Ikigega Head Office in Musanze District

Meeting opened by IZAMUHAYE Jean Claude head of Northern Agriculture Zone division

Today on 27th December, 2017 at SPF-Ikigega head office in Musanze District  taken place a meeting that joined RAB seed inspectors and SPF-agronomists.

This meeting led by head of Northern Agriculture of zone in RAB Mr IZAMUHAYE J.Claude started with welcoming the participants in this  meeting attended by RAB seed inspector Beatrice, Head of Northern Agriculture Zone division IZAMUHAYE Jean Claude, Directors of Agriculture in RAB/NAZD and WAZD (Western Agriculture Zone division) ,Direction of Seed inspection and Positive selection of NAZD, WAZD and SAZD.

On behalf of SPF-Ikigega the Managing Director Mr. Mbarushimana Salomon and all SPF agronomist works in ten districts (10) of potato growing zone have participated.

It’s a meeting that focused on discussion with RAB inspectors and SPF field agronomist to look forward to upcoming season and look together  the way they should help Seed Multipliers to declare their Irish potato seed Production for better producing seed quality and quantity Potato seed in this next season of 2018B.

SPF-Ikigega Managing Director

SPF Managing Director MBARUSHIMANA Salomon showed and explained shortly SPF activities and how it works with Seed Potato Multipliers and how SPF field agronomist works for providing technical skills to them, in construction of Seed value chain.

He said that, it is good opportunity to link SPF field agronomist to the RAB Seed Inspectors works in the same zone, so that they build a partnership and works as a team in their daily activities of serving farmer.

In her remarks, RAB Seed Inspector Beatrice , remembered that Seed Law have to be respected as it is in seed inspection  and seed have to be agreed as seed by only RAB inspectors.

Director of agriculture in RAB/WAZD

Seed Inspectors of RAB/WAZD

Seed Inspectors RAB/NAZD