As seed potato multiplier, farmer, big potato growers are preparing for the season B2018, all SPF-ikigega Agronomists are nowadays working on field as they contributing in : Coaching and mentoring seed multiplier,playing advocacy for big potatoes growers to become seed multipliers agreed by RAB, Mapping of land to be cultivated  before starting this season B2018 and many more technics involved in seed potato growing

Here are the short summary of SPF Agronomist works on field  while supporting different farmers in differents District of most potato growing zones.

Rulindo District

SPF Agronomist Mr SINARINZI J.De La Croix  worked in Rulindo District/Burega Sectors today visited Farmer Nkundimana J.Damascene on his field preparation


Mr SINARINZI J.De La Croix SPF-Agronomist



SPF Agronomist Mr NIBISHAKA Festus, today  he was in BURERA District Gahunga Sector where he supported Farmer KAMARADE in preventing desease and pest in his potato crops  cultivated on 0.7 Ha.



SPF Agronomist Mr HAVUGIMANA Emmanuel visited big potato grower Mr Mutabazi J.Claude where he was planting kinigi variety on area of 0.9Ha and showed his man-powers how to put seed in soil, and remembered them to use well germinated seed.

SPF-Agronomist Mr HAVUGIMANA Emmanuel

Young ladies in the seed potato plantation


SPF Agronomist Miss AKIMANIZANYE M. Chantal worked in Nyange sector KABEZA cellule, here she worked with ABADATEZUKA KU KIRAYI COOPERATIVE where they have did rotation of wheat last season and for now the land the soil is ready for potato plant where they intend to plant kirundo variety,category of pre-base

SPF Agronomist  AKIMANIZANYE M. Chantal